Good evening all,

We are currently in unchartered territory in terms of a global health crisis. The impact of the COVID-19 is impacting on all aspects of our lives, including sporting clubs like ours. With that in mind, we are taking the advice of our member federation, FFA and Government. This is a very fluid situation, with FFA meeting today to review their current position.

At this point in time, our position and response is as follows and focuses on individual/personal responses:

Personal Response
Advice suggests that practicing good hygiene – more specifically, thoroughly and regularly washing our hands with soap and warm water, drying our hands and trying to avoid touching your face is the number one most effective thing that individuals can do to protect themselves and others. This is increasingly important in a sporting club and our toilet and changeroom facilities will be well stocked with hand sanitisers and paper towels.

It’s important that if you have recently been overseas that you let us know. Rest assured we don’t intend to quarantine you or ban you from the club, we just need to know so we can take this into account. Given the current climate, it’s also common courtesy.

Similarly, if you are unwell please let us know and stay away as per your doctor’s advice.

Club Response:
There will be no use of club or communal drink bottles until further notice. Please bring your own, (most already do anyway).

Noted above is the importance of handwashing at a personal level. Additionally, the club will ensure that handwash and paper towel is available and that regularly touched surfaces are cleaned frequently.

Sadly, we are going have to ‘shelve’ the handshakes until further notice. This is a tough one for us, as those of you that have been around the club for a while will know how big we are on handshakes and what they stand for. There are a range of ‘handshake alternatives’ going around from fist pumping and foot tapping, but, to be honest, none of these really replace or replicate what we believe shaking hands is all about. We won’t discourage these of course, but just looking people in the eye and saying hello will do for now.

We continue to take the advice of our Federation and Government in this ever changing environment and situation.

Drew Smith